Several seconds without blinking, Nelson Jalil

Nelson Jalil (Camagüey, 1984).

(…) If at some point in the history of man, fable was a tool commonly
used to establish a dialogue about man himself, it seems that in
modern times the space once occupied by animals has been replaced by
these humanized objects that describe his particular relationship with
the world. (…)

Excerpt from “Coffee and cigarettes” by Maria de Lourdes Mariño about
Nelson Jalil’s work.

From 25th november 2016 to 7th january 2017.

Personal Show in Havana, " Several seconds without blinking".


Und Jeztz? Now what? José A. Figueroa in Madrid

José A. Figueroa (Havana, 1947) was an assistant, friend and collaborator of Alberto Korda at Studios Korda in Havana (19664-1968), a period in which he reflected and vindicated the image of his generation, the beat generation - a rather unknown facet of the Cuban sixties. In those years he also began his well-known photo essay Exilio (Exile), 1967-1994, based on the documentation on the migration of his relatives and friends to the United States and the exodus by sea of 35,000 Cubans in the summer of 1994.



Osvaldo Gonzalez (Camagüey, 1982) presents a new solo show at Servando Art Gallery. Entitled “Autofagia” (Autophagy) next May 6th, at 7:00 pm, will take place the opening. This is an exhibition of painting that epitomizes his latest work with the pictorial gender, a process of exploration that starts, first, from his past work.  



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