Art in Cuba

A land of striking contrasts, Cuba is a reality that captivates and loves. It is impossible to ignore the social and political circumstances of an island that lives seemingly isolated from the pace of change taking place elsewhere in the world.

Cuba is a country certainly unique. Where contemporary life is defined by the free market economy, media spectacle and global interconnectedness, Cuba remains secluded and understated on the sidelines. But it is also in such conditions that has enabled Cuba to develop a different reality, a reality with magic and charm. The legend of Cuba arises from her land, the island's geopolitical location - controversial, complex and problematic, on one hand, enriching and so full of humanity on the other hand.

It is so that Cuban art possesses an unparalleled vitality comprehensible only with a change of perspective, given through direct contact with her people, spaces and, of course, the most intimate of her secrets.

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